Moving Checklist: Plan Ahead For the Best Results

12 Weeks before Moving:

  • Investigate Moving Companies and get estimates.

  • Sort through your home to decide what you want to move or get rid of.

  • Contact family, charities, and estate sale companies for delivery or pick up.

  • Inventory all items to be moved, take photos. Note scratches and dents.

  • List valuables that will need special packing or extra insurance.

8 Weeks before Moving:

  • Begin the change of address process.

  • Order boxes and packing supplies if needed.

  • Start using up things that you do not want to move

  • (food, liquids, combustibles, spray cans, cleaning supplies…).

  • Confirm measurements of your new home and the large pieces of furniture

  • (will they fit through the doors, in the rooms?)

  • Check with your employer regarding moving expenses they will pay.

5 Weeks before Moving:

  • Select your mover and confirm dates, costs and all details.

  • Start packing, beginning with the things that are not often used.

  • Label (what plus room location) and number all boxes. Take Photos.

  • Contact necessary companies about your personal information and move

  • (Banks, Credit Cards, Insurance, Health Care Providers, Driver License…)

3 Weeks before Moving:

  • Contact Utility Companies about termination and start dates.

  • Notify all delivery and gardening services of discontinue date.

  • Get copies of all important records if moving out of state or country

  • (medical, accountants, schools, veterinarian…)

  • Clear out your safe deposit box –OR- put all valuable documents here.

  • Service your car (if an out of town move).

  • Service your power mower, boat etc. – drain all gas and oil.

  • Reconfirm the moving company dates and details.

1 Week before Moving:

  • Fill and transfer prescriptions, if needed.

  • Finish packing before the actual move date.

  • Note boldly the essential boxes you will need to open first.

  • Separate the things you will personally transport to your new home

  • (jewelry, valuable documents, pets and their necessities, house plants…).

  • Pack your luggage with clothes, and essential tools and cleaning supplies.

24 Hours before Moving:

  • If taking your refrigerator – clean and defrost 24 hours before the move.

  • Finish or throw away all food and liquids.

  • Reconfirm details with the moving company. Get tip money

The Day of the Move:

  • Make sure the truck that shows up is from the moving company you hired.

  • Plan to be home the entire time the movers get you packed and loaded.

  • Remind the movers about fragile or precious items.

  • Before the movers leave, sign and keep a copy of the Bill of Lading.

  • If possible, accompany the driver to the weigh in station.

  • Confirm delivery details. Share cell phone numbers.

  • Final check the house and lock all the doors and windows.

  • Notify neighbor and Realtor that the house is now empty.

  • Check with the new home owners at the end of the month for any mail.

You’re New Home

  • Confirm all furnishings and boxes have been delivered to their labeled locations

  • Finalize needed paperwork with the movers.

  • Start unpacking the priority areas first – kitchen, bathrooms & bedrooms.

  • Get comfortable with furniture locations before hanging art on the walls.

  • En-JOY your new home.

Joy Ferguson, owner of Interiors with Interiors With Joy, LLC

enhances your home before and after the sale. Her recommendations are based on functional design principles, which focus on your personal interests and lifestyle. Get a fresh perspective and let Joy create those spaces that you’ve always wanted! Call 678.393.9011 to learn how Joy can support you and your many home projects!